Your Property, Our Purpose!

Offering a premium service and working with you to maximise your property investment’s potential.

The Charman Property Management Team.

The Charman Property Management Team is passionately run by lead agent Maddison Bonner and her associate Lucy Spanevello. Both are committed to offering an outstanding level of service to both clients and tenants. Maddison & Lucy are here to listen to you and stand alongside you to assist you in making informed decisions for your investment property. Charman Property Management is a fresh approach to real estate management – stress free, seamless and unique.

Experience the Charman Property Difference – Call either Maddison or Lucy today. 

Frequently Asked Questions.
How can I come onboard with Charman Property Management?

This is one of the best questions out there! Simply give Lucy or Maddison a call or email and they will welcome you and your property/s to the team!
Alternatively, you can fill in our owner onboard doc and let us contact you in your preferred method of contact.

Is it possible to change property managers? 

Absolutely! Many people think you are stuck with the property management you have signed with, but even if your property is currently tenanted, there is nothing stopping you from being able to change PM’s!
By filling in our owner onboard doc, you will be able to let us know if your property is under management (leased) with another agency. This will allow us to organise the entire process of taking over the management. Most agents and agencies appreciate 30 days’ notice however, all you need to do is complete our owner onboard doc and we will take care of the rest!
Once your managing agency has been given notice, we make sure to introduce ourselves to the current tenant/s in place (if currently leased), to ensure they are up-to-date and included in the seamless transition into Charman Property Management.
The whole process is hassle-free – both for you and your tenants. There will be zero cost to any party involved (that includes your current agency, yourself as a landlord, your tenant, and us at Charman Property Co.).

Can I meet you face-to-face before onboarding with you?

This is definitely something we like to encourage as not only can you get to know us and put our names to faces, but we can get to know you and fully understand both your short- and long-term goals for your real estate journey.
Feel free to send us an email – – or give us a call and we will lock in a date and time that suits.

Why Charman Property Management?

Unlike some property management companies, we are authentically built (AKA. not buying rent rolls off other companies); and are a boutique company with boutique customer service (AKA. do not have thousands of landlords and tenants to look after). This means that once we get to know you and your real estate situation, we can tailor our service to meet all of your needs and take the best care of your property/s!

My property isn't in Brisbane - can you still look after it?

We most definitely can! We have built professional relationships with local freelancing property managers with 15+ years of experience to be our eyes and ears on the ground in different locations across Queensland. You will still be receiving the up-most boutique service that we pride ourselves on providing, and utilising these relationships come at no cost to you!
We also utilise an extensive service that allows us to chat directly to tenants through high-quality live video, where we can conduct remote routine inspections, adding comments and taking pictures as need be (contact Maddison for more information).