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Woolstore Fires and Revitalisation on History

The Woolstores, iconic to Brisbane and the heartbeat of character in Teneriffe.

Once used for industrial storage and production on the lip of the Brisbane River, each Woolstore has since been revived as an enviable lifestyle of living. Still standing strong today; these iconic Woolstores are known as “Saratoga”, “Dakota”, “Ansonia”, “Winchcombe Carson”, “London Apartments”, “MacTaggarts Place”, “Teneriffe Apartments”, and “W4”.

On December 29, 1984, one of Brisbane’s most iconic Woolstore buildings “Dalgety & Co. Ltd”, caught fire turning into ash and rubble. Years later, the site would be rebuilt, renamed, and reused as the locally loved Paddy’s markets. Today, the building is more familiar as “Teneriffe Village” housing luxury apartments and commercial spaces.

In 1990, the notable “MacTaggarts Woolstore” building also caught alight and was destroyed.

Not to be confused with “MacTaggarts Place” on Vernon Terrace, and the corner of Commercial Road; “MacTaggarts Woolstore” was situated where “The Nouvelle” complex is on Skyring Terrace, sat between Helen and Wyandra Streets.

On January 8th, “MacTaggarts Woolstore” caught fire, nearly engulfing the building next door, now where “W4” stands. The blaze took two days to cease. The bones and internals turned to ash, leaving only remains of the facade.

Decades of history, and character were destroyed, however new life was found in the prospering area of Newstead and Teneriffe with “The Nouvelle” sitting on the nest of memories.

Now years later, after the “Newstead Teneriffe Urban Renewal Scheme” the precinct has embarked on new history and dedicated itself to historic living.